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Welcome to NESGamers! This site contains a collection of articles on DIY projects which involve either the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) or the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System). If you have some old NES/SNES systems, controllers, or game cartridges, and you want to make some use of it, then this site is for you. Also, if you are into the retro game style, or retro games in general, then it might be worth reading through. I started this site because I love the look of the retro Nintendo systems, and I thought that some people might want a website which contains all the project guides, so people don't need to look for each one individually. I have put a lot of time into this website, so I hope it helps! I hope to update it regularly, so check back often!

If you dont have a console, or controllers, then you can purchase some HERE.

I am interested in editing in photoshop, so soon, I am going to start making retro Nintendo wallpapers and desktop backgrounds. If you are interested in those, then check back soon incase I put them up.

If you see any mistakes, have ideas for the site or guides you would like me to put up, then feel free to contact me. Also, any feedback is appreciated (good or bad). Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find an interesting project!

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