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While there are many things to do with an old NES Console, there are loads of projects you could take up with an old NES Controller. NES controllers have kind of become an icon of retro gaming, and is one of the most recognizable controllers in all of gaming history. They have a cool look that just spells out Classic. Most of these hacks use only the case of the NES Controller, and not the circuit inside, so even a broken controller would usually work with these mods. I hope you find a project to do, and email me the pictures of the results if you do! If you need to buy any NES items such as the console systems or controllers, just click here!

1. NES Belt
2. NES Wallet
3. NES Cell Phone
4. NES MP3
5. NES Computer Mouse
6. NES Card Reader
7. NES TV Remote
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How to make a NES Belt
Nintendo Entertainment System DIY How To Projects Hack Mods Modifications Belt Buckle

NES Belt

The NES controller can be turned into a really cool retro style belt buckle! This is an awesome project to do because its easy, and you get a great looking belt after! Making it does not require any knowledge of electrical circuits or soldering at all. I like this project, because it allows the controller to still work, so you can still press all the buttons! But if you only have a broken controller, you could just use it as a belt.


How to make a NES Wallet
Nintendo Entertainment System DIY How To Projects Hack Mods Modifications Wallet

NES Wallet

This is a really cool and easy hack, and does not require much time to make. This is one of the more useful projects compared to many others that just look awesome. I find it a bit too small to keep all the things I keep in my wallet (cards and notes), but I find it works perfectly for coins. From looking at the pictures, I thought it looked more like a purse for women, but after seeing it from different angles, I realized that it suites guys perfectly too.


How to make a NES Cell Phone
Nintendo Entertainment System DIY How To Projects Hack Mods Modifications Cell Phone

NES Cell Phone

This is probably one of the coolest NES mods I've seen so far. Using only an NES controller, and an old cell phone, you can make one of the coolest looking cell phones ever. This controller mod is not the easiest project to take up, but it would still not be considered as difficult. The thing I don't like about this hack though, is that the NES controller buttons are just stuck on, and do not serve a purpose. Also, if people see you using it, they might just think you are crazy and talking to a controller! But still, I think that this is an awesome DIY that anyone should take up.


How to make a NES MP3

Nintendo Entertainment System DIY How To Projects Hack Mods Modifications MP3 Player Ipod


This is my favorite NES mod of all time so far, and I am sure that this one will make your friends envy you if you had one. The cool feature of this mp3 player is that the NES buttons actually control the MP3 player, and are not just stuck on there for show. The only things I would change about it, is to perhaps use a mp3 player with a tiny screen showing what song is playing. Other than that, I think its perfect! This is one of the difficult projects, as it requires soldering, and improvisation.


How to make a NES Computer Mouse
Nintendo Entertainment System DIY How To Projects Hack Mods Modifications Mouse

NES Computer Mouse

Another very cool hack here, it would probably feel strange to use as first though as the click button is on the right of it. So because if that, I would say that this is not the most practical project, but I will say that this an awesome mod. This mod is not extremely difficult, but it does require some very basic soldering. I would advise that you pratice soldering on some old devices before attempting this if you do not know how to solder, mostly because soldering incorrectly could damage the circuits.


How to make a NES Memory Card Reader
Nintendo Entertainment System DIY How To Projects Hack Mods Modifications Memory Card Reader

NES Memory Card Reader

This is not a project I would do, simply because I don't use memory cards (except in my camera which has a usb cable anyway). However, if I did use memory cards, I would definitly give this project a try just because it makes such a cool peripheral. This project only requires cutting and gluing, so I would say that this is one of the easier projects. I like this project because its easy and just looks cool.


How to make a NES TV Remote
Nintendo Entertainment System DIY How To Projects Hack Mods Modifications TV Television Remote

NES TV Remote

This project seems pretty cool and everything, but I personally wouldn't make it. The reason i wouldn't make it is because modern TV remotes require more than 8 buttons to be used. These days, most people change the channel with a different remote that their television sets use anyway. I think that this might have been useful 15 years ago before cable TV was used so much. Still a cool project to try though, it would make good conversation when friends come over to watch the game.


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