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With an old NES (Nintendo entertainment system)/ SNES (Super nintendo entertainment system) console, there are loads of ways to make them useful and entertaining once more. First of all, you could repair it, but if that doesn't work, there are loads of other projects you could take up to make use of them. Since they have the old retro gamer look, their case is usually what you want, and any broken NES could be used just for the case. There are many DIY projects you could do with the NES consoles, and I hope you find one that you like. If you need to buy any NES items such as the console systems or controllers, just click here!

2. NES Mac Mini
3. NES Alarm Clock
4. SNES Alarm Clock
5. NES Lunchbox
6. NES Guitar
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How to build a NES PC
Nintendo Entertainment System NES Console System PC DIY Project How To


This is one of the harder, more rewarding projects out of the list. The ending result is a NES console, that acts as a computer. The cool feature about this is the fact that the power, and reset buttons actually work. I also like the fact that the cd drive it where the game cartridge drive was. After reading several guides, I've realized the difficult part is to get all the components to fit while remaining cool. Lastly, having Nes emulators on the PC complete this project.


How to build a NES Mac Mini
Nintendo Entertainment System NES Console System Mac Mini DIY Project How To

NES Mac Mini

This project is very similar to the one above, but i believe its easier, and more rewarding. More rewarding because it would be an apple computer.... Yes I am an Apple fan, but i won't start that debate of apple vs windows or linux here. This article requires you to make as much space inside the NES console case as possible, so that you can fit a Mac Mini inside of it. I love the look of Apple products, however, the NES system wins my favor by a long shot.


How to make a NES alarm clock
Nintendo Entertainment System NES Alarm Clock DIY How to Project Console System Controller

NES Alarm Clock

This is probably my favorite hack that I've seen so far for the NES Console system. A guy put an alarm clock inside the case of an NES console. He made sure that the Power/Reset buttons on the console worked, and even connected a controller with fully funtioning buttons that change the time and the alarm. There was no detailed How To on this project, so most of it would be improvisation, depending on the items you personally have.


How to make a SNES alarm clock
Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Alarm Clock DIY How to Project Console System Controller

SNES Alarm Clock

This mod was made by the same person as the one who made the NES alarm clock hack. He was challenged by his room mate to do what he did with the NES, but on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System). What i love about this mod is the fact that the cartridge can be removed. This means that when you eject the cartridge, the clock turns off, but when you put it back in, it turns back on. The controller is once again set to be able to control the alarm, and change the time. Again, it did not come with a detailed how to, so it depends on the clock you buy, and what you want it to do.


How to make a NES lunchbox
Nintendo Entertainment System NES Console System Lunchbox Open DIY Project How to

NES Lunchbox

This would be one of the easier projects. With this project, you turn your old NES system into a really cool retro looking lunchbox. I'm not sure how practical this is, but im sure you'd look pretty cool walking around with this. I'd bet you would probably attract loads of chicks (well.... maybe not). This does come with an instrucable How To, and does not require any knowledge of electronics and soldering.


How to make a NES guitar
Nintendo Entertainment System NES Console System Guitar DIY Project How To

NES Guitar

This project makes me wish I didn't quit taking guitar lessons when I was younger. Imagine performing on stage somwhere with one of these! Even if you don't play guitar though, this would be a really cool thing to have inside your home for decoration. It would be a great way to start conversations with people, and of course, its great for showing off. You don't need much knowledge on electrical circuits on this one, but you would have to know how to handle them (with great care).


How to make a NES guitar

NES Purse

This guide will show you how to turn a broken old Nes case into a brand new retro looking NES purse. This is perfect for those gamer girls who want to show people that girls can in fact be gamers! This does come with an instrucable How To, and does not require any knowledge of electronics or soldering. The instructions need some clearing up, and some pictures might help.


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